Business Development

We are looking to acquire and licence medicines for markets in the UK and Ireland. When we see an opportunity, we can act quickly and decisively to conclude due diligence and legal agreements. We are committed to maximising the potential of our products through investment in focused marketing and promotion.

With our commercial and regulatory expertise, we can provide access to the UK market by acting as a distributer for suitable partners.

If you would like to discuss any opportunities to partner with Ridge, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


Our partnering ethos is based on openness and transparency with a commitment to long-term relationships. We look for partners who share our values of being ethical, sustainable and those that provide value to all stakeholders, starting with the patient.


Our team have many years proven success of launching products and building successful pharmaceutical businesses across both primary and secondary care environments.


Our compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Distribution Practice ensures quality products are delivered through a robust and responsive supply chain.


Our partners can be confident that we are committed to maximising an opportunity through our investment. With our experience, we know when to invest heavily in marketing and tactical programmes throughout the product’s lifecycle in order to build a brand and long-term asset for all our stakeholders.